How can web costs be reduced

SlideshowThe main reason building a website ends up costing more than expected is that we do not know what to expect , especially when the term free is used almost everywhere. How can we explain the fact that so many people make their livelihood from building websites. Well things are changing but not everyone knows it.

Building a website in the past was something only the IT professionals were capable of doing and it was only the coders who knew how to actually make a website however, this is definitely not how many websites are built today. In fact building websites have been made very simple.

Of course not all websites have the same requirements. Some require a mere marketing display to provide information and wares, others may need a content management system (CMS) with blogging capability, and many others may want a store or cart system to sell their goods.

In many cases what an entrepreneur or company needs is a presence on the web so people can contact them and view their information. They may want to display a specific corporate image to their viewers. In most cases a CMS or a cart system is not required to achieve this goal. But you may be convinced by others you do need it regardless of expense.

Today there are a lot of options to create sites in a simple manner. Yet not all sites use the simple approach because site owners are unaware or are sold on a more complex solution. Website Builders are programs or software’s that are designed to address the various website requirements. They create environments that reduce the time and coding needed to create both a meaningful and beautiful site. But even here it is important to know which one is more suitable.

So let us look at the components of building a web site.

1. Graphic Design

Web sites generally need a graphic design that provides a clear and concise image. Often people opt for templates that they feel are a close match to what they want. Now here is where the costs start since most people will eventually realize they need something more specific for their image and it involves modifying the template. A suggestion is to find a layout free designer that is easy to modify so that over time a lot of money will be saved.

2. Application and Builders

Today we have Applications such as a CMS system or a Cart system which are designed for a specific use. And people will try to turn them into a web builder for general use. Well everything is possible but at a greater cost. A less costly option is to find a builder with an easy UI (user Interface) and integrate a blogger or a cart system if you require it.

This is called separating the front end from the back end. Oftentimes backend software is used to create the front end UI. Again everything is possible but how do you maintain and modify it. Usually the modifications require technical now how.

A website builder with a simple UI will reduce the time and coding needed to create an outstanding web site. It will allow the user to easily make changes for new marketing endeavors. And will also accommodate new widget plug-ins. Your site is your image and viewers will notice if your site is behind the times.

WebfastDesigner is a layout free software designer that allows users to create a responsive, adaptive or parallax web site.

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Jquery and a Framework

Plug-ins & Animation
Plug-ins & Animation

A jQuery javascript library is a fast and to the point JavaScript Library. Jquery plug-ins helps bring new widgets to market daily. It happens to be the most popular JavaScript library that is used today worldwide. It is said that a jQuery is installed on 65% of the top 10 million highest trafficked sites on the internet.

By having the jQuery library on your site you can enable a dominant reusable, cross-browser compatible code. An important thing to know about jQuery is that jQuery is just a simple JavaScript library. All the power of the jQuery is achieved by means of the JavaScript. As a result, you have the benefit of plug-ins developed for a wide set of purposes. Some of the latest widgets contain carousels, sideshows, menus, lightboxes plus more.

There are many advantages of using jQuery. These are listed below:

  • Supports the partition of JavaScript and HTML: The jQuery library makes it very easy to export and import javascript Plug-ins. Consequently this encourages the developers to separate the JavaScript code from HTML markup completely.
  • Concision and simplicity: jQuery fully promotes conciseness and simplicity with different features for example, chain-able functions and shorthand function names.
  • Eradicates cross-browser inaptness: The JavaScript engines of all the different browsers change slightly so that the JavaScript code that seems to work for one particular browser does not work for another. jQuery handles all the cross-browser irregularities and also provides a dependable and reliable interface that works across all the different browsers.
  • Extensible: jQuery makes lengthening the framework very straightforward. New events, methods, and elements, can be easily be added and then reused as a plugin.

jQuery also happens to include the following features:

  • A DOM element selection by means of the multi-browser open source selector engine Sizzle. This is a by-product of the jQuery project
  • Events
  • Effects and animations
  • AJAX
  • Deferred and Promise objects to control, manage and organize asynchronous processing
  • JSON parsing
  • Extensibility via plug-ins
  • A Multi-browser support system


A Software Framework

A software framework for web sites is a universal, reusable software environment that provides particular functionality to facilitate development of web pages. It facilitates software development by allowing designers and programmers to devote their time to meeting software requirements rather than dealing with the more standard low-level details. Its purpose is to reduce development time.

WebfastDesigner is a powerful framework software for creating web sites. Web pages are designed on a live browser which provides a great visual experience. Javascript plug-ins can be imported, enabled and disabled as needed allowing the user to build and modify an optimum working set. Webfast’s realtime editor and layout free capability allows the user create quick mockups of their design. Web pages are built faster and with ease. Jquery is known for its great capabilities. Now watch our video clips to visualize the power of our framework with jquery plug-ins.


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Does Free Mean Zero Cost


One thing that people need to be aware of regarding free software is the term “free” which usually causes a lot of confusion. When people talk about free software they are not talking about how much money will be spent to create a web site. The word “free” that is used in free software is actually about the freedom to do certain things or perform certain things with the software. However, your cost to create a web site will depend on the capability of the software since you may be required to hire a consultant to use the product.

Many web online software offer templates and developers try to tell the community that templates are all they need. A template is a web site with a defined external CSS (cascading style sheet) that provides its structure. The client community likes the template concept because they think no other work will be required. Well generally work is required and the average person does not understand that their identity and marketing strategy, which will change over time, may require them to make changes to their template. Also new mobile methods are being used and different types of templates are needed. In most cases the average person requires consulting help.

So what key factors should one take into consideration to understand where cost can occur. Some key factors are :

    • Technology     – Does your software contain the latest widgets and methods
    • Maintenance  – Is it easy to use maintain your site
    • Adaptability   – Can new methods and widgets be incorporated easily
    • Layout              – Is it User Friendly


Technology is constantly changing. Concepts such as parallax, adaptive and responsive sites are the new buzz words for web development.  On the web we can experience the fast growth of new widgets, such as menus, slideshows and carousels. Many of the templates that products contain are using old widgets, features and concepts. The products that will succeed are the products that will easily adapt to future needs and changes.


Most web sites will undergo change over time as a result of changing marketing needs or as a result of new technology. Your image will be affected if your website looks behind the times. Google looks to see if sites are being maintained and gives them a higher rating. Today there is a big push to change your old templates that are not mobile friendly.



Try to find a product that can easily be upgraded to use the new methods and features. And has the ability to easily plug-in new features, where these new features can replace old ones without rewriting your old site. For example widget templates can clash with the site template. You need an environment to easily resolve clashes. Look for products that provide freedom to interface with bloggers and carts. You need a framework that allows you to make changes easily and make sure your previous investment is not totally lost.


Layouts are very important to the look and feel of a web site. Generally templates define a sites layout. But what happens if you are modifying your marketing strategy will your site still be suitable. You may have to either modify your current template or get a new one. Experience has shown that sites are usually updated once a year and for startups expect a shorter time. A layout free solution provides the freedom to make changes when needed without excessive cost.


This product is positioned as a layout free designer that works in real time. It offers an easy way to upgrade a website with the latest features without scraping all the previous work. The competitors will tell you to leave the old template and get a new one.  Webfast is a hybrid designer and accepts both external CSS (templates) and internal inline CSS. This feature allows for a more flexible layout free web editing experience.

Webfast designer is a data base driven designer. The database feature helps provide a friendly user experience and easier adaption to the new concepts and widgets. It is also designed with a real time editor. It can capture pictures or text in the process of animation and modify it. And also provides a simple Plug-in interface for now features.

Technology is moving in various directions. Some think web sites should be adaptive others feel they should be responsive. Webfast allows the user to create an adaptive or responsive site, or a mix based on their needs

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A Real Time Web Designer

A Real Time web Designer aims to transform your website from a simple web-based concept into a fully interactive web creation.

A Real Time Designer integrates graphics, widgets and plug-ins into a database which then becomes the engine that drives a complete web solution. This allows customers to create and visualize website templates directly on a browser in real time. A Real Time Designer is skilled to visualize any customized website and is limited only by your imagination not the real time designers.

WebFast  happens to be the easiest to use real time web customization software available. It will make straightforward the design process, freeing most of your design staff for more intense projects this also helps increase your profits. It will customize virtually any web site that you can imagine. It will assist you in developing configuration templates so that you can make your own website.

Online designing means many different things to different people however, For the Real Time web designer it means Signs, Banners, videos,  text and  slideshows incorporated  on a browser and visualized live while in motion .  It will make every site look unique in its appearance and operation.

Rather than a “one size fits all” tool, WebFast  is a Framework for real time web  design  that allows its users to arrange it to work within their particular business flow rather than forcing the business to work around it. Web developers convert to a Real Time Designer because of its flexibility.

These are just some of the unique features that a real time web designer offers.

  • Operate on a browser directly
  • Edit in real time, previews not required
  • Layout free design

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What is a layout free Web Design ?

Websites are a great source of reaching out to people from all over the world. New businesses and old are looking for ways to establish an online presence in the most effective way. But creating a website and managing it is one of the most difficult things, especially when you cannot visualize the look and feel you want to project. All of this can be pretty mind boggling. However, with a layout free web designer you can try out various color schemes, fonts and layouts easily and realize that you have the ability to create your own website.

Visualizing a layout not only would give you an idea but would also help you along the way into the changes that you want to make. You may have some ideas at the beginning of the process but as you try out the lay out you may change your mind into making your ideas more polished and refined.

WebFast is a natural free flowing web layout page designer that allows you to design your future and potential website with ease. Designs are created and modified directly on a web browser giving you the exact feel and look of the website in real and also provide you with an idea of how it would look to your clientele with allowing you to make changes and variations along the way.Its visual interface allows the user to create web pages just like an artist creates paintings.We at Webfast understand the importance of layout free design and the need for you to have the exact feel and look of a website before actually finalizing the website and because of that we are way different than other software.

Web builders can use our software for making new websites and revamping an old website. The sites can work with plug-ins, bloggers and carts. Our software provides a simple user interface so that users can create multiple design versions quickly. This will become extremely useful as marketing models change and require enhancements to a web site.

Using layout free design you can watch your website unfold right in front of your eyes in real time, this saves the time of waiting around for a third party designer to bring you the templates and designs and more wastage of time if they aren’t up to your standard and mark. By using our real time websites you can save all of that time and hassle and make your websites in a jiffy.

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Responsive vs Adaptive web design

As a web designer, you can no longer ignore the importance of mobile phones, especially smart phones, tablets and other comparable gadgets and devices. Today, more and more people are using such gadgets and devices to visit different websites instead of using their laptops and computers. If your website is not mobile or tablet friendly your business may be losing an opportunity to get more visitors. Therefore, web designers need to keep up with the new design methods.

People, who access websites via the different devices such as smartphones or tablets, do not really care how you make the website as long as they can efficiently move through it. So we will address two different design methods which web designers can use to construct a mobile friendly website. The two different methods are the

  • responsive web design (RWD), and
  • Adaptive web design (AWD).

These design methods are good at addressing the issues for representing the websites on mobile devices and they both endeavor to create the finest and optimum user experience across various devices. They methods aim to adjust for the different viewport sizes, including the resolutions, usage contexts, control mechanisms, and so forth.

Responsive web design (RWD):

RWD basically works on the theory of flexibility. RWD is employed by means of using fluid grids. A fluid grid is a terminology for web design, what it means is that the web design works regardless of the screen size. Therefore, the same web layout will automatically resize itself. A very simple example for this is like a ball either growing or reducing in size to fit into different hoops. One of the key benefits of using RWD is that each experience uses a consistent design.

Adaptive web design (AWD):

AWD varies from RWD in the sense that in RWD the layout keeps changing to fit the screen. However, with AWD, the layout does not resize but is custom designed for different screen sizes. For example, there will be a precise layout for smartphones, another one for tablets, another for laptops and computers and so on. The biggest advantage of using AWD is that it provides a more optimal design for each device.

Both the Responsive Web Design and the Adaptive Web Design are good design methods to use when designing and developing a website. These methods allow the websites to be viewed from devices such as smartphones and tablets with a great user experience. Both design methods can be used in different web pages depending on your objective for the viewer experience.

Technology decisions will always exist. Webfast allows the user to create an adaptive or responsive site, or a mix based on their needs.

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