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How can web costs be reduced

SlideshowThe main reason building a website ends up costing more than expected is that we do not know what to expect , especially when the term free is used almost everywhere. How can we explain the fact that so many people make their livelihood from building websites. Well things are changing but not everyone knows it.

Building a website in the past was something only the IT professionals were capable of doing and it was only the coders who knew how to actually make a website however, this is definitely not how many websites are built today. In fact building websites have been made very simple.

Of course not all websites have the same requirements. Some require a mere marketing display to provide information and wares, others may need a content management system (CMS) with blogging capability, and many others may want a store or cart system to sell their goods.

In many cases what an entrepreneur or company needs is a presence on the web so people can contact them and view their information. They may want to display a specific corporate image to their viewers. In most cases a CMS or a cart system is not required to achieve this goal. But you may be convinced by others you do need it regardless of expense.

Today there are a lot of options to create sites in a simple manner. Yet not all sites use the simple approach because site owners are unaware or are sold on a more complex solution. Website Builders are programs or software’s that are designed to address the various website requirements. They create environments that reduce the time and coding needed to create both a meaningful and beautiful site. But even here it is important to know which one is more suitable.

So let us look at the components of building a web site.

1. Graphic Design

Web sites generally need a graphic design that provides a clear and concise image. Often people opt for templates that they feel are a close match to what they want. Now here is where the costs start since most people will eventually realize they need something more specific for their image and it involves modifying the template. A suggestion is to find a layout free designer that is easy to modify so that over time a lot of money will be saved.

2. Application and Builders

Today we have Applications such as a CMS system or a Cart system which are designed for a specific use. And people will try to turn them into a web builder for general use. Well everything is possible but at a greater cost. A less costly option is to find a builder with an easy UI (user Interface) and integrate a blogger or a cart system if you require it.

This is called separating the front end from the back end. Oftentimes backend software is used to create the front end UI. Again everything is possible but how do you maintain and modify it. Usually the modifications require technical now how.

A website builder with a simple UI will reduce the time and coding needed to create an outstanding web site. It will allow the user to easily make changes for new marketing endeavors. And will also accommodate new widget plug-ins. Your site is your image and viewers will notice if your site is behind the times.

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