A Real Time Web Designer

A Real Time web Designer aims to transform your website from a simple web-based concept into a fully interactive web creation.

A Real Time Designer integrates graphics, widgets and plug-ins into a database which then becomes the engine that drives a complete web solution. This allows customers to create and visualize website templates directly on a browser in real time. A Real Time Designer is skilled to visualize any customized website and is limited only by your imagination not the real time designers.

WebFast  happens to be the easiest to use real time web customization software available. It will make straightforward the design process, freeing most of your design staff for more intense projects this also helps increase your profits. It will customize virtually any web site that you can imagine. It will assist you in developing configuration templates so that you can make your own website.

Online designing means many different things to different people however, For the Real Time web designer it means Signs, Banners, videos,  text and  slideshows incorporated  on a browser and visualized live while in motion .  It will make every site look unique in its appearance and operation.

Rather than a “one size fits all” tool, WebFast  is a Framework for real time web  design  that allows its users to arrange it to work within their particular business flow rather than forcing the business to work around it. Web developers convert to a Real Time Designer because of its flexibility.

These are just some of the unique features that a real time web designer offers.

  • Operate on a browser directly
  • Edit in real time, previews not required
  • Layout free design

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