Does Free Mean Zero Cost


One thing that people need to be aware of regarding free software is the term “free” which usually causes a lot of confusion. When people talk about free software they are not talking about how much money will be spent to create a web site. The word “free” that is used in free software is actually about the freedom to do certain things or perform certain things with the software. However, your cost to create a web site will depend on the capability of the software since you may be required to hire a consultant to use the product.

Many web online software offer templates and developers try to tell the community that templates are all they need. A template is a web site with a defined external CSS (cascading style sheet) that provides its structure. The client community likes the template concept because they think no other work will be required. Well generally work is required and the average person does not understand that their identity and marketing strategy, which will change over time, may require them to make changes to their template. Also new mobile methods are being used and different types of templates are needed. In most cases the average person requires consulting help.

So what key factors should one take into consideration to understand where cost can occur. Some key factors are :

    • Technology     – Does your software contain the latest widgets and methods
    • Maintenance  – Is it easy to use maintain your site
    • Adaptability   – Can new methods and widgets be incorporated easily
    • Layout              – Is it User Friendly


Technology is constantly changing. Concepts such as parallax, adaptive and responsive sites are the new buzz words for web development.  On the web we can experience the fast growth of new widgets, such as menus, slideshows and carousels. Many of the templates that products contain are using old widgets, features and concepts. The products that will succeed are the products that will easily adapt to future needs and changes.


Most web sites will undergo change over time as a result of changing marketing needs or as a result of new technology. Your image will be affected if your website looks behind the times. Google looks to see if sites are being maintained and gives them a higher rating. Today there is a big push to change your old templates that are not mobile friendly.



Try to find a product that can easily be upgraded to use the new methods and features. And has the ability to easily plug-in new features, where these new features can replace old ones without rewriting your old site. For example widget templates can clash with the site template. You need an environment to easily resolve clashes. Look for products that provide freedom to interface with bloggers and carts. You need a framework that allows you to make changes easily and make sure your previous investment is not totally lost.


Layouts are very important to the look and feel of a web site. Generally templates define a sites layout. But what happens if you are modifying your marketing strategy will your site still be suitable. You may have to either modify your current template or get a new one. Experience has shown that sites are usually updated once a year and for startups expect a shorter time. A layout free solution provides the freedom to make changes when needed without excessive cost.


This product is positioned as a layout free designer that works in real time. It offers an easy way to upgrade a website with the latest features without scraping all the previous work. The competitors will tell you to leave the old template and get a new one.  Webfast is a hybrid designer and accepts both external CSS (templates) and internal inline CSS. This feature allows for a more flexible layout free web editing experience.

Webfast designer is a data base driven designer. The database feature helps provide a friendly user experience and easier adaption to the new concepts and widgets. It is also designed with a real time editor. It can capture pictures or text in the process of animation and modify it. And also provides a simple Plug-in interface for now features.

Technology is moving in various directions. Some think web sites should be adaptive others feel they should be responsive. Webfast allows the user to create an adaptive or responsive site, or a mix based on their needs

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